he features and benefits of Supercart’s steel trolleys, together with their competitive pricing, enable retailers to achieve maximum value. These trolleys are constructed using heavy-duty steel, and are formed and welded using CNC and robotic equipment. Only an especially durable type of E-Zinc is used, together with high-impact lacquer powder-coat finishes.

Our plastic components are environmentally friendly and use colour and prominent branding to complement store decor and enhance merchandising efforts. A UV additive is included to resist fading and slow degradation. Features are as follows:

Heavy-duty steel chassis/frame

With a wire basket, gate assembly/child seat and lower tray, this frame provides maximum strength and supports a multipurpose heavy weight load.

Automated CNC forming

Consistently bends each chassis/frame to precise dimensions, ensuring that every part and every unit are exactly the same.

Consistent welding

Consistent welding creates a strong bond between multiple metal components, and allows for less porosity and rust.

E-Zinc and high-impact clear lacquer powder-coat finish

Supercart’s E-Zinc process creates trolleys that are both attractive and durable in all weather conditions, with superior rust resistance. The high-impact lacquer powder that is used creates an additional layer of protection against dulling and corrosion. This keeps the steel shining for longer.

Compliant with industry safety standards

All Supercart’s trolleys comply with applicable European EN standards. The trolley designs also have excellent anti-tipping dynamics to ensure maximum stability.

Welded lower tray

The welded lower tray provides additional strength to the chassis/frame, and also reduces noise.

Close, easy nesting

This reduces the amount of space required to store trolleys and creates a positive first and last impression for customers.