Every retailer needs a trolley manufacturer that understands the needs of their customers. Supercart combines more than 37 years of insights into consumers’ needs with a passion for innovation, respect for the environment and a desire to drive your business forward.

For over 37 years, we’ve been “pushing” the boundaries of trolley design. It all started in 1986, when we imported a five-wheeled trolley from Canada to South Africa. Since then, the wheels have turned and we now manufacture our own trolleys in South Africa and Australia and export them around the world.

Our trolleys and handbaskets are on the cutting edge of innovation and we are proud to introduce a dynamic range of all plastics, hybrid and a range of steel trolleys, boasting plastic baskets and steel chassis.

Founder and CEO Michael Castledine Wolfe is still at the helm of the business and it is his understanding of the retail environment and its needs that will continue to “push” Supercart into an even more successful future.


The Earth’s resources are limited, and should not be wasted. This is why Supercart’s range of plastic shopping trolleys are made of high-density polyethylene and polypropylene – both fully recyclable materials.