Studies have shown that nine out of ten retailers prefer plastic trolleys to steel trolleys. The reasons are:

Contemporary, stylish design

The design and aesthetics have improved, and plastic trolleys keep pace with modern designs and shapes. Additionally, the plastic basket reduces damage to store fixtures and vehicles.

Variety of colours

The variety on offer allows retailers to match their trolley fleet to their own corporate colours, and to complement store decor.

Prominent branding

A retailer’s fleet of plastic trolleys can be created in its own corporate colours and clearly display its logo. This helps to establish awareness, enhance brand recognition and create preference.

Compliant with RFID systems

This allows retailers to integrate automation that controls inventory and speeds up the checkout process.


This improves the longevity and appearance of the trolleys.

Reduced theft

Branded trolleys are easy to identify, and are thus less likely to be stolen. This reduces the need for frequent replacement.

Less noise

The quieter movement of plastic trolleys creates an improved customer shopping experience.

No wobbling or jamming

Smoother, easier-moving wheels help to minimise customer frustration levels.

Easy nesting

Plastic trolleys do not jam when nested, and can be separated using a single finger. This creates a positive first and last impression.

Easy to push

This allows shoppers to manoeuvre, turn, nest and de-nest trolleys easily. Unique engineering improvements mean reduced maintenance and labour costs.

Environmentally friendly

All plastic components can be recycled.