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Transform your world with Supercart®
Pioneers in the world of trolley design and manufacture.

Plastic, Hybrid, Metal and more.
Transform your world with Supercart®
Pioneers in the world of trolley design and manufacture.

Plastic, Hybrid, Metal and more.

Features and benefits of our hybrid trolleys

Our Hybrid Trolleys offer the best of both plastic and steel.

Plastic Components

The basket is manufactured from virgin grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). We use the best colourfastness masterbatch to ensure no fading. We are able to manufacture in any colour required.

The Chassis

The steel chassis is manufactured using a Specialised Hybrid Coating System. This comprises of a Pre-Treated 19 micron thick Hot Dip Zinc Coating on the outside and the inside of the tubular chassis. This adds double the amount of corrosive protection even before the bending and welding begins. The welding is done robotically with the welds being located in the least possible impact positions.

The top coat is an automotive grade AkzoNobel polyester powder coating with high impact resistance. We provide a film thickness of 60-80 micron which not only looks beautiful but is also an extra layer of protection against corrosion. The adhesion properties of this top powder coating is excellent. This top coat can also be touched up and refurbished should the need arise.

Our features and benefits, combined with competitive pricing, enable retailers to achieve maximum value from our Hybrid trolleys. Features are as follows:

Easy to push

Shoppers can manoeuvre, turn, nest and de-nest trolleys easily.


Hybrid trolleys move much more quietly and are a pleasure for customers to use.

Easy nesting

Hybrid trolleys do not jam when nested and can be separated using a single finger. This creates a positive first and lasting impression.

Comfortable height

The Hybrid Trolleys are a comfortable height for shoppers with an easy front loading basket area to allow easy access for shoppers.

Increased sales

Customers enjoy the Hybrid shopping experience so much that they continue to shop for longer.

People friendly

The baby seat on The Classic Hybrid design is warmer and more comfortable for toddlers than metal trolleys.

No wobbling or jamming

Smooth, easy moving wheels help to minimise customer frustration levels.

Clean and Green

Plastic components can be recycled and are therefore environmentally friendly.

Modern design

The contemporary design and aesthetics of The Hybrid trolleys have ensured that they meet modern designs and standards. Their sleek design makes a statement about your store and sets you apart from the competitors.

Corporate colour branding

Reduces trolley theft and projects a strong corporate store identity. Colours are UV stable and guaranteed never to fade.
Variety of colours and prominent branding
The variety of colours on offer allows retailers to match their trolley fleet to their own corporate colours. Retailers can clearly display their logo. This enhances brand recognition and establishes awareness.

Strong and safe

The Hybrid Trolleys comply with the European Trolley safety standard EN 1929-1:1998.

Reduced maintenance costs

Unique engineering improvements mean reduced maintenance and labour costs. Each component is easily replaceable for a minimum charge.

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